Work Study Application


Energy Exchange for Yogis!


If you find yourself drawn to the inner workings of a studio and you've been practicing yoga (of any kind) for at least 6 months, you may want to considering applying for our work study program.

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You'll work closely with Shannon, the owner, at the front desk and in keeping our beautiful space clean and welcoming. In exchange for your time and dedication, you'll receive 2 free classes of your choice for each "shift" worked.

Shifts will work around class times, so think of it as covering the class you're working, and then having another saved up!

Everyone is different, and everyone excels in different areas. If face to face interaction with clients isn't your cup of matcha, but putting your headphones on and zoning out while tidying up the studio sounds up your alley, let's work with that! 

Lets connect, and explore in what way you feel you'd thrive at Honor. We're looking for folks who are interested not just in personal development, but in helping to develop Honor as well. 

Tell us a bit about yourself, & let's get started!

What type of energy exchange are you most interested in? *