Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.
— Bruce Lee

We move to feel better in our own skin, above all we want you to remember:

  • This is your space and your time to move.

  • Props make your practice more empowered. Using them isn't a sign of weakness, it's a sign of an intelligent mover.

  • If you need or want a break, take it. It's part of your practice.

  • Put your phone away, give yourself the gift of unplugging.

  • Talk to your instructors and teachers, ask questions, they are here for you!


Our yoga classes are a modern vinyasa style, and our instructors each offer their own unique approach and style. FLOW is an intelligent and kind approach to yoga - encouraging you to connect more deeply with your mind, body and breath. We believe in taking what you need, so props and modifications are always offered. FLOW is an all levels class.


The art of mindful rest. Making the time to slow down and truly rest is one of the most profound gifts you can give your nervous system. Poses will be held passively, often for minutes at a time, to coax your parasympathetic nervous system into a profound state of calm. You'll decrease your stress levels and make the space for your body to "rest & digest". If you live a busy life, if you train hard or take mostly vigorous vinyasa practices, or other firey athletic pursuits this style of yoga is a non-negotiable. If you just need a softer, quieter approach to yoga- come unwind, refresh and renew. Class is non-weight bearing and floor based. We us lots of comfy props, and play soft, relaxing music .


Slow Flow + Deep Stretch is a rejuvenating class, carefully designed to de-stress your mind + body, acting as a perfect compliment to our more rigorous classes and workouts. The first 35-40 minutes of class is a hybrid mix of yoga and mobility work, followed by 15-20 minutes of longer held, deeper stretches. Class rounds out with a guided meditation, or savasana.


Honor Barre doesn’t just work, it works fast. The tiny pulses and muscle isolations that make up each session create real strength from the inside out. Every Honor Barre class will leave you feeling connected to your whole body in a deep way.  Through postural alignment work, core strengthening, lower and upper body movements, you’ll feel capable and powerful throughout your entire body, with an endorphin rush to boot! We welcome all fitness levels, with modifications given to tone down, or rev up, depending on your needs that day. We move barefoot, or with grippy-socks!


An Honor original. When was the last time cardio felt fun? In this high energy, feel good workout we combined HIIT style training with lots of body weight plyometrics and functional strength training. You’ll move, (a lot!) you’ll sweat, (a lot!) and you may even enjoy cardio. (a lot!)

This soul-powered workout is brand new every Monday, but the structure remains the same so you can develop and build over time. The best part? The 7-10 minute long cardio burst blitz right in the middle of class - this revs your heart rate and metabolism, so you can feel the endorphins for hours after your workout has ended.

Sculpt is a follow along style class; meaning you’ll get to have eyes on the instructor the whole time, so there’s no “am I doing this right?!” moment. Non-marking sole sneakers are encouraged!


Are you ready to move, sweat and dance in a welcoming, stress-free atmosphere? Zero dance experience required! Join us for a FUN approach to modern, hip hop dance flow fusion! This is the dance class you’ve always wanted to take. Pumping music and heart rates!  Blending hip hop and contemporary styles, you can unleash your inner dancer during a dynamic warm up, into some broken-down-for-you choreography, ending with a short cool down to let all sink in. You TRULY don’t need any experience or rhythm, just an open mind! Supportive sneakers with non marking soles are recommended!


An Honor original. Kickbox + Tone is 1 - 2 punch of cardio kickboxing and deep muscle strengthening and toning. This unique and effective class structure promises a dynamic, empowering and fun workout.

Kickbox + Tone works in rounds, a cardio round followed by a toning round, so you’re working efficiently without burning out. The best part? it’s equal parts fun and empowering - you’ll sweat and smile your way through this one after you show ‘em whose boss! Appropriate for all fitness levels.

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