Yes, you can dance.

  • Read it again. YOU can dance. If you've ever been at a wedding or celebration where a toddler is breaking it down on the dance floor - did you notice how they didn't care about what they looked like? They hear the music, they feel the music, and they let their bodies respond with movement. In the simplest terms, they are dancing. Its not something they hold shame or apprehension about. Could you imagine your cousins toddler (or yours!) thinking, "hmm..I might not look cool doing this, so i'm going to stop and stifle my urge to move, even though all my systems are begging me to dance." That'd be crazy right! But, unfortunately, at some point in their life - that feeling of shame creeps in. It happened to us, too. And it doesn't discriminate gender, by the way. The little boy that wanted to try ballet or gymnastics is shamed into more 'boy' activities. And the little girl that couldn't sit still and danced when no music was on was stifled and told to be still.   A lot of the time its not a definitive event. Its a slow leak of cultural impressions, and stories that aren't our own that changes our mind. We start to believe we can't dance. Or we're awkward. Or we have two left feet. (Eugene Levy in Best In Show anyone?) None of these things are true, by the way. Also, you can fill in the blank here. This might not be just about dancing. This could be about anything you used to love, but got bullied out of by a society that told you you couldn't, or shouldn't. But for now, lets stick to dancing. 
two left feet .png

If you're like most, when you see a beautiful ballet, or when a flash mob dancing to Thriller happens downtown, or you watch anyone who loves to move, something stirs inside. What is that feeling? Its a deep part of us recognizing a deep part of them. It's uniting. What we've lost along the way somewhere is that it doesn't have to be separate. That feeling of expression is available to all. of. us. Seriously, put any Michael Jackson song on anywhere in the world and watch everyone in the room start to move, even if its just a little bit. The desire to move is innate. 

This isn't just about learning choreography. Although, you can, and if you come to class, you will. We keep the lights a little lower, so the focus is less on what it looks like. And more about what it makes you feel. Empowered? Happy? Sexy even? (Gasp!)

dance free.png

This is about answering a call. Its about casting the shame aside and doing it because it feels good. You can google all the physical benefits of dancing for yourself. They are there and real and amazing. Aside from the physical ,the little you inside that stopped dancing because it wasn't cool according to someone else, will thank you. At this point in history, we need to dance because it feels good more than ever. It's part of how we can heal. 

"If you realized how beautiful you are, you would fall at your own feet." - Byron Katie



Shannon Episcopo