Deering Center is special.

The conversation goes something like this… and it happens all the time:

“Oh, where is the studio going to be?” - Everyone, after hearing about Honor Movement Studio. 
“On Stevens Ave, right in Deering Center!” - Me
“I LOVE Deering Center” - Again, everyone. 

Portland is a special town.

Deering Center is a special neighborhood. You won’t find any chain restaurants or stores, and parking is always easy. You’ll find some of Portlands staples here too, Quality Shop, Pats Meat Market, Jet Video, Black Cat Coffee (get the paleo muffin. for real.) just to name a few. 
Stevens Ave, and Deering Center are literally lined with locally owned, small businesses that bring huge value to our community. 
Honor Movement Studio is so excited to join these ranks. We don’t take it lightly! 


 There’s a strong sense of neighborhly-ness around here. People smile at each other. You can hear kids playing outside. People still gather and commune with each other. 


the pines .jpg

And the aesthetic? Beautiful tree lined streets with classic New England homes and apartment buildings. Walking through Deering Center, or Baxter Woods, or Evergreen Cemetery during any season is a feast for the senses. In Deering Center you get the best of both worlds, the beauty of nature, and the community and vibe of a growing, but still small enough to feel like home, city.

It's pretty dreamy. 

Basically, it’s just a really great place to live. 

There’s this old anecdote,  you’ve probably heard it if you’ve lived around here long enough:

“You can live your entire life without having to leave Stevens Ave.”

Its true! Really.

Schools, restaurants, doctors and dentists, colleges, all of it. 
Now, with Honor Movement Studio, its even more true! The best in yoga, barre, dance, and movement has been brought to you! 

I had a friend from out of town visiting last summer, as we strolled the neighborhood, iced coffees In hand (from Black Cat, of course!), she mused…”This neighborhood is like the Brooklyn of Portland…it’s such a great place.”

We’d have to agree. 

Shannon Episcopo