Sophie Marie

Sophie Headshot.jpg

I am a freestyle dancer at heart. I started out  as I'm sure many others have; dancing in my room in my little mirror and blasting my favorite songs. When I decided to take my first dance class I stepped into that room and felt like I was meant to be there. In my dance career I have worked with Tony award-winning Bill T Jones/Arnie Zane dance company at Merrill Auditorium. I was also the assistant cheerleading coach at Deering High School. Currently I am a Lady Red Claws cheerleader. Out of all of those amazing things I would have to say being a dance teacher has been my favorite. My style of dance is very expressive and personal, and teaching my method is my passion.  My favorite part about dancing is being able to tell your story through your movement. I strongly believe that dance can be your loudest voice. Dancing has truly changed my life and being apart of sparking that interest for someone else is so heart warming. 

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