Jen Renaud

Jen Head Shot 3.jpg

Jen’s yoga practice began in 2012 amidst her first year as a young professional. Not only did yoga help to unclench her jaw in the working world, but it reawakened the kind of physical connection she had missed since her younger days as a dancer. Initially, the physical aspect of the practice came with ease, but it was clear that the internal work was only just beginning. 
Jen wants her students to feel good in their bodies, clear in their minds, and light in their hearts. She structures her classes with intention and balance while honing in on a peak pose or theme. She offers specific cueing to aid a smart alignment-based practice and believes in empowering her students to find a shape that makes the most sense for their bodies. In Jen’s class you’ll move functionally to gain range of motion, long-term flexibility, and a mind-body connection.  
Jen completed her 200 RYT teacher training in 2014 through Sacred Seeds Yoga School and Jacqui Bonwell. Jen’s work is influenced by Ally Nye and Bethany Mccorkle, two teachers she respects greatly. 

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