Amanda Methot


Name a fitness craze and Amanda has likely tried it. She is not afraid of something new and challenging, and loves to mix and mash different methods of working the body. Fitness has always been an integral part of her life as a dancer, gymnast, competitive cheerleader and kickboxer. She believes movement isn’t just good for the body, but the mind and soul. Amanda is an attorney by day, and our Kickbox + Tone instructor by weekend!

Amandas love of fitness and people are apparent in every class she leads - encouraging her students along the way and supporting them to surprise themselves with their strength. She kick boxed consistently for 6 years, so she keeps safety and alignment at the top of her list. She has taught dance and fitness classes at studios in southern Maine and Massachusetts. She wants every class to feel like a party and a celebration of the capabilities of the human body. In class, you will find she has designed a playlist that will make you want to sing along and has a plethora of motivational quotes to get you through that last 30 seconds of cardio!

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